Selecting Data Room for Due Diligence

In the past due diligence preparation took lots of time and effort. Auditors would be physically present in the offices of the company, and would go through file after folder of financial documents for a number of days. Due diligence is a vital aspect of any transaction and can be complicated when sensitive data is involved. This process can be made much easier and more convenient by using the right virtual dataroom software.

Choosing a due diligence data room provider can be difficult, as different providers offer various pricing models and functionality. The best way to pick the right provider for your needs is to begin by requesting a free trial, and then request a checklist for due diligence. This will enable you to make a clear and organized structure for your files and ensure that you don’t leave anything important out.

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The selection process should include a review between the different providers’ capacity to meet your specific industry’s due diligence requirements. This is particularly important in capital raising projects, IPOs and divestiture, where numerous documents are usually shared. For example deals in the energy industry typically involve transferring seismic data and well logs, whereas renewable energy projects require sharing plant data.

Choose a virtual space that is equipped with features that allow teams to collaborate across the world. It should be able to support common formats of files, and allow seamless uploading and downloads. It should also allow users to connect remotely, monitor activities and provide a complete audit trail. It should also include features such as remote shredding and automatic watermarking.

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